Sunday, November 30, 2008

AmberRug....any competition?

So I did a little research this week... I visited the Washington Design Center, and a few other places, ostensibly as a decorator looking for a modern rug, but I was really mystery shopping, searching for my competition.

I was very surprised that NOT ONE COMPANY could show me a modern rug that came anywhere near close to the AmberRug. The proprietors were literally scratching their heads when charged with showing me a colorful, eclectic, and artsy rug that could fit the decor of a modern home.Oh sure... they had semi-modern designs... but nothing groundbreaking, breathtaking, or even remotely eye-catching.

After looking through a few design books, I gave up, my question answered.

Does the AmberRug have any competition, as we begin this launch of our bold and modern designs?



We are the leaders in this latest concept in floor treatment; the originators of new and groundbreaking designs!

Peace, Blessings, and Happy Holidays from Jafel


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

1st time ever! Jafel Corporation Birthday Celebration(s)

Malachi Smith- 12/12

Ja'Ski- 12/29

They are our close and dear friends

Home Textile View their blogs, Search their topics, great info inside.

One day they will blog about the debut of AmberRugs Premier Collection. I know it will happen.

Jafel Corporate Business

Just touched down in NYC "The big apple".

Monday, November 24, 2008

Were getting this Mission Statement together...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ja'Ski's "Outside the Box" gets auctioned LIVE at Art for Life 2008

Ja'Ski's painting at Art for Life's 2008 auction in Washington, DC.

AmberRugs.... The must have for the Modern and Contemporary

Make your room, Make a statement!
Designer Rugs

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Available to stores and interior designers...
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Premiere Collection

Introducing AmberRugs........... and they are Fabulous!!

Pasargad and nationally acclaimed Artist Amber "Ja'Ski" Watkins, have teamed up in an exciting partnership to produce what will become the future in modern and contemporary rugs. AmberRug is a revolutionary concept in rug design.Selected works by Washington, DC Artist Amber "Ja'Ski" Watkins are being manufactured by Pasagard, a trusted company, well recognized in the rug industry for over 50 years. The result is a breathtaking line of cutting edge works of art made for every room. Bright, bold, and whimsical, the AmberRug will breathe life into any room, giving it vibrancy unequaled by any other rug on the worldwide market.
A must have for any avant-garde designer or decorator, or just the individual with a non traditionalist approach to home and office furnishings.

"Make your Room, MAKE A STATEMENT"

For more information on the Designer/Artist, please view

AmberRugs available January 2009

Available for Bulk Sale, Retail, and Interior Designers world-wide.

And for the Consumer... They are coming to a store near you!!

They look absolutely amazing!