Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Word from The CEO - JafelDesign

The past year have been one of remarkable progress for
Jafel Design.  Our full incorporation and registration with Dunn & Bradstreet  have rendered the company poised and ready to do business. 
In addition to these necessary administrative steps, the company has, in one year taken ideas and discussion to the development of physical products in the three areas of the marketplace in which Jafel will become an active part.
AmberRug – Floor Coverings - The first collection of ten designs is now available to the public, through direct order. We are currently circulating a catalog displaying the designs as a part of an advertising campaign aimed at specialty and department stores with the intent of securing retailers to carry the AmberRug Line.
AmberFab – Textiles – We are in possession of an array of fabric samples to be used as the design for bedding, window treatments, pillows and other home décor. Currently we are comparing the quality and production speed of several manufacturers and converters to determine the most advantageous method of production for each concept.
AmberWare – Fine China – The prototypes for our line of ceramic and china have been produced and as with the above mentioned AmberFab, the company is currently researching the most expedient, qualitative, and cost-effective method of production.
As the CEO and designer I have consistently pushed my creative skills to be able to create new and exciting pieces of art that are unique and recognizable as part of a brand.  I have also accepted and completed several commissions in the Metropolitan Washington area to create unique pieces of art for individual collectors. The feelings of satisfaction and complete happiness experienced by the recipients are what I wish to bring to homes and businesses worldwide with my offerings.
I am very optimistic about the future of Jafel Design. Our offerings are multifunctional. Each creation begins as a piece of art on canvas that has the ability to be transformed

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